Wednesday, 6 November 2019

a Jew spoke to Sayyidina Umar ibn Khattab

Tariq ibn Shihab reported that a Jew spoke to Sayyidina Umar ibn Khattab this verse:"This day have I perfected your religoin for you and completed My blessing on you, and approved Al-Islam as a din (code of life) for you." (5: 3) The Jew said, ‘O Ameer ul-Muminin, if it was revealed to us, we would have adopted it a day of Eid (festival).” So, Umar said, “Indeed, I know the day on which it was It was revealed on the day of Arafah, a Friday.” (It is to say that it was revealed on eed to say of adopting it as one).

(الفاظ جامع ترمذی کے ہیں)

صحیح بخاری:جلد اول:حدیث نمبر 44
صحیح بخاری:جلد دوم:حدیث نمبر 1592
صحیح بخاری:جلد دوم:حدیث نمبر 1788
صحیح بخاری:جلد سوم:حدیث نمبر 2173
صحیح مسلم:جلد سوم:حدیث نمبر 3024
صحیح مسلم:جلد سوم:حدیث نمبر 3025
صحیح مسلم:جلد سوم:حدیث نمبر 3026
سنن نسائی:جلد دوم:حدیث نمبر 914
سنن نسائی:جلد سوم:حدیث نمبر 1321
جامع ترمذی:جلد دوم:حدیث نمبر 982